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Systems: GE Homespring

GE Homespring whole-house ultrafiltration system

GE® Homespring™ Ultrafiltration System

GEĀ® Homespringā„¢ Ultrafiltration System
The Homespring is a Point-of-Entry (POE) Microbiological Water Purifier that has the capacity to effectively filter water from either surface/lake, well, or municipal water supplies.
- 99.9999% Bacteria Reduction
- 99.99% Virus Reduction
- 99.95% Cyst Reduction
- NSF/ANSI 42/53 Certified
- Automatic self cleaning
- 24 month warranty
Item NumberDescription    
3030216*UF211 System with Stainless Steel Mesh Cartridge - DC 
3035500UF211 System with Stainless Steel Mesh Cartridge - DC - for use in California 
4000299*UF211 System with GAC Cartridge - DC 
3024924Replacement GAC Cartridge 
3024909Homespring Service, Installation and Testing Kit (DC) - Case, Foam Inserts, Integrity Tester, Housing Wrench for External Prefilter, Cap Wrench, two Pressure Gauges, Digital Air Pressure Gauge, two Mini Ball Valves with Plug, Silicone Lubricant 
3024907Homespring Prefilter Surface Water Kit 
*Not for Sale in California

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