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GE Homespring Central residential water purifier
GE Homespring Ultrafiltration System

Homespring whole house ultra filteration system
Homespring Ultrafiltration System from
GE Infrastructure Water & Process Technologies

    At home with great-tasting, purified water

  • Convenient
    Purified, ultrafiltered water from every faucet eliminates the need for bottled water. The system automatically cleans itself and does not require power to filter.

  • Unlimited Supply
    Purified, ultrafiltered water on demand for all your household water needs with negligible impact on water pressure (approx. 3 psi per tap). Reduces dry skin and allergic reactions due to chlorinated water.

  • Great Tasting
    Reduces unpleasant tastes and odors. Natural salts and essential minerals remain in the water you drink.

  • Purified Water
    Physically removes 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses from the water supply*

  • Microbiological Water Purifier
    Tested and certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA) as a Microbiological Water Purifier. Significantly reduces cysts, turbidity, particulates and chlorine.

    *Please refer to certification and testing data for more information.

Dealer Benefits

  • Easy Installation
  • Certification required to purchase and sell the system and replacement components
  • Required Carbon Block Filter Replacement & Annual Maintenance

Customer Benefits

  • Filters water for the entire home
  • No harmful chemicals added
  • Daily self-cleaning cycle
  • Does not take up valuable kitchen space
  • Works off existing water pressure
  • Does not require electricity to filter
  • Only annual maintenance required
    (depending on water source quality)

How it Works

  1. Unfiltered source water enters the system
  2. An integrated activated carbon filter removes unpleasant tastes and odors
  3. Ultrafiltration membranes physically block bacteria, parasites, viruses, & cloudiness
  4. Purified water flows to every faucet in the house
  5. A daily automatic flush cycle washes blocked impurities out of the system
Filters & Removes Impurities*

( >99.9999% )

( >99.99% )

( >99.95% )

Particles & solids
Larger than 0.02 microns nominal

Cloudy water from high turbidity

Tastes & Odors
Such as chlorine & other unpleasant impurities
The Homespring Central Water Purifier must be installed by an authorized Homespring technician and properly maintained in accordance with the Homeowner's Manual. Failure to properly maintain the system will compromise performance and/or result in a failure to control water quality, which may lead to delivering of contaminated water. Improvements to taste result when the system is used with the optional carbon filter. Water Safety: Please see the certification and independent laboratory results. Contaminants and pathogens may build-up in a house's piping system and could shed into the water after it has been filtered through the Homespring Central Water Purifier. Follow manual instructions, including use of a sanitizer on the piping system to avoid contaminant build-up. Exposure to microorganisms may also occur during daily activities.

* Please refer to certification and testing data for more information

Basic Specifications

Model numberUF211
Max rated peak flow11 gallons (42 liters) per minute
Max rated continuous flow4.5 gallons (17 liters) per minute
Appr. water volume treated annually130,000 gallons (490,000 liters)
Carbon filter capacity130,000 gallons (490,000 liters)
Installation height (vertical mount) 74 inches (188 cm)
Installation height (horizontal mount)36 inches (91 cm)
Footprint (vertical mount)18" x 18" (45 cm x 45 cm)
Footprint (horizontal mount)24" x 74" (61 cm x 188 cm)
Maximum ambient temperature60°C (140°F)


Item NumberDescription    
3030216*UF211 System with Stainless Steel Mesh Cartridge - DC 
3035500UF211 System with Stainless Steel Mesh Cartridge - DC - for use in California 
4000299*UF211 System with GAC Cartridge - DC 
3024924Replacement GAC Cartridge 
3024909Homespring Service, Installation and Testing Kit (DC) - Case, Foam Inserts, Integrity Tester, Housing Wrench for External Prefilter, Cap Wrench, two Pressure Gauges, Digital Air Pressure Gauge, two Mini Ball Valves with Plug, Silicone Lubricant 
3024907Homespring Prefilter Surface Water Kit 
*Not for Sale in California

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Homespring Central Water Purifier do?
The Homespring Central Water Purifier has been specifically designed to physically block and remove bacteria, viruses and parasites. The Homespring also eliminates cloudiness from your drinking water, while allowing for healthy natural minerals pass though (please see certification and testing data for more information). The activated carbon filter removes chlorine to improve taste and odors of municipal drinking water. The system effectively filters all municipal, well and lake water prior at the point-of-entry, purifying your water before it flows through the rest of your home.

Where is the Homespring Central Water Purifier installed?
The Homespring Central Water Purifier is installed at the point where water enters the house to provide filtered water from every tap. Water is available on demand with no wasted water during filtration.

How do you start the Homespring Central Water Purifier?
Once the Homespring Central Water Purifier is installed, the system is working. There is no start or stop switch. If your main water valve is open, the Inlet and Outlet valves are open, and the Bypass valve is closed, the system is on. It makes no noise and you will see no moving parts while it is filtering water.

Does the system require electricity?
The system works off of your existing water pressure and no electricity is required to filter your water. You will have filtered water through every tap even during a power failure. Electricity is only required to activate the controller to activate the daily backwash cycle.

What happens if the power goes out?
Nothing. The timer has a built in battery backup designed for power failure. The Homespring Central Water Purifier does not require power to filter water. If the power goes out during a scheduled cleaning, the System will return to filtering water and wait for the next scheduled time for cleaning.

Does the system affect the water pressure?
No. There is minimal effect on your existing water pressure. Even in cottages, there is no need for an additional water pump depending on your existing water pressure.

Does it get rid of sulfur and leave in fluoride?
The Homespring Central Water Purifier when used with the carbon will help reduce the effect of the sulfur smell if there are small quantities of sulfur in the water. The Homespring Central Water Purifier does not remove the fluoride from the water (in the municipalities where it is added into the water).

How long does the automatic cleaning cycle take?
The system backflushes itself daily to clean the membranes. It automatically flushes impurities down the drain at the homeowners pre-selected time. The cleaning cycle takes approximately 5-10 minutes and uses a minimal amount of water.

Can it be shut down in winter?
If the home is seasonal or not winterized, there is a draining and shutdown procedure where the filter is filled with a food grade antifreeze for the winter. In the spring, the antifreeze is drained and the system is sanitized and ready for use. The procedure must be performed by an authorized person.

How long does the membrane module last?
The membrane will generally last over 10 years if used on municipal water and will last from 5 to 10 years on surface/lake waters depending on the level of contamination in the incoming water. The membrane modules have been designed to maximize filtration life and reduce frequent changing.

How long does the activated carbon filter last?
The Activated Carbon filters are designed to filter up to 130,000 gallons depending on model selected. The average homeowner will find it necessary to change the activated carbon filter every 9-12 months. The quality of water, amount of chlorine, other contaminants in the water, and the amount of water used determines the actual life of an Activated Carbon filter. The Activated Carbon filters have been designed for maximum life to eliminate frequent changes.

What are the maintenance requirements?
An annual maintenance inspection, membrane integrity check and carbon filter change must be performed annually by a certified service technician.

How to Buy the Homespring

G.A. Murdock is a master reseller of the GE Homespring Ultrafiltration system. We sell only to Qualified Buyers who have completed the required Homespring installation and maintenance certification test. If you are certified to purchase Homespring or are interested in becoming a certified installer, please use the form below to request more information.

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The Homespring Ultrafiltration System is a product of the GE Infrastructure Water and Process Technologies division
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