Falcon Stainless Flexible Connectors are a durable installation option for water softeners, water heaters and other equipment.  They offer higher flow rates and easier installation than corrugated copper and braided lines.


Filtrex® GreenCarbon and ChloraGuard Filters are affordable coconut carbon block filter cartridges available in several micron levels.


The new Pro Easy Feeder™ automatically dispenses the right amount of ResCare® Cleaning Solution to maintain water softener efficiency.


Rid O’ Rust® liquid rust stain preventer can be sprayed on areas of iron oxidation to prevent red stains.  Works on most man-made surfaces.


We have added two HM Digital electrical conductivity meters: 

  • HMDM2EC – Commercial Dual Inline Meter
  • HMEC3 – Handheld  EC + Temperature

Tomlinson Contemporary and Designer Faucets are available in a new Venetian Bronze finish.


The G.A. Murdock catalog has been updated with new products for 2013.