Due to vendor, material, and production price increases, we will be updating pricing on the following product lines effective January 1st, 2018:
5 - 10% John Guest Products*
1 - 3% Pentair/Pentek Products
8 - 16% Watts Regulators
3% All Mur-lok and G.A. Murdock
Manufactured Products:
  • Mur-lok polypropyene fittings
  • Mur-lok RO-Pals and PVC valves
  • Mur-lok polyethylene tubing
  • Mur-lok PVC drain line
  • Drain adapters and saddles
  • Faucet adapters
  • RO installation fitting kit
  • Standard and custom assembled kits
  • All other manufactured items

*For John Guest items: low popularity items may have additional price increases when purchasing below box quantities.