EcoTech DLA-TAG - The DLA-TAG is a combination twin inlet airgap designed for dual compartment dishwashers, under-counter reverse osmosis appliances and water softeners. Perfect for non-airgap RO faucets.


Floodstop - Automatically shuts off the water supply to an offending appliance the instant the FloodStop sensor detects the presence of water.


HMTRM1 – HM Digital Inline TDS Meter with three sensor ports.


John Guest Twist & Lock CTS Fittings - Quick-connect fittings with twist & lock feature in larger plumbing sizes: 5/8" - 1.25" OD.


John Guest Plastic Angle Stop Valves - Now available in all-plastic construction, in addition to the new lead free angle stop valves.


Self-Piercing Saddle Valve - SV-1LF flat-style valve, fits 3/8"-1" pipe with 1/4" brass compression connection. The SV-9LF is also now available with lead free brass.


Pressure Gauges - Now available in lead free and stainless steel versions.


Mur-lok LLDPE Tubing - Now stocked in 1000' spools of 1/4" OD in white, blue, black and natural colors.


Pro Chemicals Neutra7 - Neutralizes acid water.


G.A. Murdock, Inc. has added several new products and lines to our 2014 catalog.