Matrik Filters with GB

MatriKX Filters with GreenBlock Carbon

In a joint development with KX Technologies sister company Filtrex Technologies, the Matrikx range incorporates GreenBlock technology, which employs coconut shell carbon to offer enhanced performance and ecological sustainability. All cartridges are manufactured in ISO 9001- and 14001-accredited facilities, certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material safety, California Proposition 65 compliant and performance validated by independent laboratories.

Pentek Drinking Water System

Pentek Drinking Water Systems

Point-of-use encapsulated cartridge system for multi-stage filtration. NSF 42 Certified. All systems include a faucet, monitored systems include a cartridge timer.

SANI-SYSTEM Clean & Sanitize

The new Sani-System® Clean & Sanitize Kit contains both Sani-System® liquid sanitizer and Pro Res Care® resin cleaning solution in handy single-use doses. Sani-System® is the only EPA and NSF approved sanitizer for use in water softeners. It's proven to kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria without the use of chlorine, oxidizers or acids that can harm system equipment, parts and resin. Pro Res Care® restores softener beads and control valve parts to peak efficiency and maintains the life of the unit.

BAN-T - Alkaline Water Neutralizer & Cleaner

Pro Ban T is a water softener iron removal cleaner that is specially formulated to effectively lower pH and remove iron and other contaminants from fouled water softeners.

Softener Mate - All Purpose Water Softener Cleaner

Pro Softener Mate softener cleaner is a unique blend of chemicals formulated to remove limited iron, manganese, silt, metal particles and organic compounds that cause softener inefficiencies.

Tomlinson Polished Nickel Finish for Designer and Contemporary Faucets

Aries Arsenic Reduction Filter

Aries Fluoride Reduction Filter