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Compatible Replacement Filters for RO Systems: Everpure Compatible Filters

Compatible filters for Everpure filtration systems.

Omnipure ELF Series Inline Filters

Omnipure ELF Series Inline Filters
Extra Large Format (ELF) inline filter with polypropylene body. Designed for use in commercial food service industries.
Item #DimensionsMicronDescription  
Q0410Mounting Bracket - Single 
ELFDK7HEADHead - 3/8" Female NPT 
B16416SS3-Housing Bracket - Stainless Steel 
ELF1M3.1" x 12.7"1Carbon Block 
ELF1MKDF3.1" x 12.7"1Carbon Block w/KDF 
ELF1MP3.1" x 12.7"1Carbon Block w/Phosphate 
ELF1MP-KDF3.1" x 12.7"1Carbon Block w/Phosphate, KDF 
ELF1MLP3.1" x 12.7"1Carbon Block w/Phosphate, Lead Reduction 
ELFC1M3.1" x 12.7"1Carbon Block - Cuno Compatible 
ELF5M-KDF4" x 12.5"5Carbon Block w/KDF 
ELF5MP3.1" x 12.7"5Carbon Block w/Phosphate 
ELF10M3.1" x 12.7"10Carbon Block 
ELF10M-KDF3.1" x 12.7"10Carbon Block w/KDF 
ELFXL1M3.1" x 17.5"1Carbon Block 
ELFXL1MP3.1" x 17.5"1Carbon Block w/Phosphate 
ELFXL1MLW3.1" x 17.5"1Carbon Block w/ Lead Reduction, wrapped 
ELFXL10M3.1" x 17.5"10Carbon Block 
ELF5MSED3" x 11"5Sediment 
ELFC5MSED3" x 11"5Sediment - Cuno Compatible 
ELFC5M3.1" x 12.7"5Sediment/GAC - Cuno AP510 
ELFXL5MSED3.1" x 17.5"5Sediment 
ELFXLT403.1" x 17.5"GAC 
ELFXLT40-PHOS3.1" x 17.5"GAC w/Phosphate 
ELF5M-EWC5Carbon Block w/ Extended Cap w/ Wrap 
ELF5MAM-EWC5Carbon Block w/ Anti-Microbial, Extended Cap w/ Wrap 
ELFXLSB5M3.1" x 17.5"5Carbon Block (fits Everpure QL1 Heads) 
ELFXLSB1MP3.1" x 17.5"1Carbon Block w/ Phosphate 
ELF5MP-ECW5Carbon Block w/ Phosphate, Extended Cap w/ Wrap 

Omnipure E Series - Compatible Replacement Filters

Omnipure E Series - Compatible Replacement Filters
Item #Dimen.DescriptionVend/OCS  
E55282" x 10"GAC 
E5320P2.5" x 6"CB - 1M w/PhosH50, H-50 
E5515P2.5" x 10"CB - 1M w/Phos, Lead Red. H-104 
E55202.5" x 10"CB - 1M2K+ 
E5520K2.5" x 10"CB - 1M w/1/4# KDF2K+ 
E5520P2.5" x 10"CB - 1M w/Phos, Lead Red. 
E5615K2.5" x 12"CB w/ KDF 
E56202.5" x 12"CB - 1M4K+, S-100 
E5620P2.5" x 12"CB - 1M w/PhosH-100, H-50, Insurice, OCS, 4C 
E56672.5" x 12"GAC w/0.5# KDF 
E57152.5" x 14"CB - 1M w/Lead Red.OW200 
E57202.5" x 14"CB - 1MMC, S-200 
E5720P2.5" x 14"CB - 1M w/Phos4H, BH, 4C, MH, H-200 
E5721PSB5M2.5" x 14"CB - 1M w/Phos, SB 
E57542.5" x 14"Water Softening Resin7SO 

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