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Specialty Filters: KDF Combination Filters

Specialty water filters that include Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) to improve the filtration effciency of carbon.

Aries GAC/KDF Cartridges

Aries GAC/KDF Cartridges
Item #DimensionsDescription   
AF-10-20102.5" x 10"0.5 lb KDF-55 / Coconut GAC 
AF-10-22102.5" x 10"0.5 lb KDF-85 / Coconut GAC 
AF-20-22122.5" x 20"2 lb KDF-85 / Coconut GAC 
AF-10-2012-BB4.25" x 10"2 lb KDF-55 / Coconut GAC 

Omnipure K Series Inline Filters - GAC/KDF filters

Omnipure K Series Inline Filters - GAC/KDF filters
Item #Dimen.Filter TypeEnd Connections  
K2550BB2" x 10"0.25 lb KDF/GAC1/4" Female NPTF 
K2550JJ2" x 10"0.25 lb KDF/GAC1/4" QC 
K2567JJ2" x 10"0.5 lb KDF/GAC1/4" QC 
K2567KK2" x 10"0.5 lb KDF/GAC3/8" QC 
K5467JJ2.5" x 8"0.5 lb KDF/GAC1/4" QC 
K5567JJ2.5" x 10"0.5 lb KDF/GAC1/4" QC 
K5667JJ2.5" x 12"0.5 lb KDF/GAC1/4" QC 

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