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Specialty Filters: Reusable Filters

Specialty filters that can be rinsed and reused.

Pentek® R Series Pleated Polyester Filters

PentekĀ® R Series Pleated Polyester Filters
Item #Model #DimensionsMicronDescription  
155031R30-478 2.5" x 5"30Cellulose - Polyester 
155416R30-20 2.5" x 20"30Cellulose - Polyester 
155017R302.5" x 10"30Polyester - Reusable 
155038R502.5" x 10"50Polyester - Reusable 
155101R30-BB4.5" x 10"30Polyester - Reusable 
155053R50-BB4.5" x 10"50Polyester - Reusable 
155430R30-20BB4.5" x 20"30Polyester - Reusable 

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