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Instruments: Leak Detectors

Detects leaks and automatically turns off source water to prevent damage

FLOWLOK™ Leak Detector

FLOWLOK™ Leak Detector
Utilizes a highly compressed disc that expands when it absorbs water and trips the FLOWLOK safety lever to shut off the water feed line. No power needed.
Item NumberDescription    
FLK-14Flow-lok Leak Detector - 1/4" QC 
FLK-KITFlow-lok Kit - Leak Detector and Tray - 1/4" QC 
FLK-PADFlow-lok Leak Detector Replacement Pad 

Leak Detector

Leak Detector
- Auto-shut off when leak is detected
- Powered by 9V Battery (Included)
- 56" Cord from valve to sensor
- Max Pressure: 80 psi
- Operating Temp: 68ºF - 176ºF
- Auto shut-off, beep & blinking red light on low battery
Item NumberDescription    
LD14JG1/4" QC 
LD38JG3/8" QC 


The FloodStop automatically shuts off the water supply when water is detected and sounds an alarm. Includes: Motorized full-port ball valve, control unit with battery backup (4 AA), water/leak sensor (1.25" X 7.5"), AC power adaptor. One year manufacturer's warranty.
Item NumberDescription    
FS14CFloodStop - 1/4" Compression Valve 
FS38CFloodStop - 3/8" Compression Valve 
FS34CFloodStop - 3/4" Compression Valve 
FS34NPTFloodStop - 3/4" NPT Valve 
FS1NPTFloodStop - 1" NPT Valve 
FSXS-01Extra "Wired" Sensor Pad 

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