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Instruments: Leak Detectors

Detects leaks and automatically turns off source water to prevent damage

leakSMART® Wireless Leak Sensing Shut-Off System

leakSMART® Wireless Leak Sensing Shut-Off System
Leak detection system with wireless sensors and a wireless whole-house shut-off valve that can notify users via an app and can integrate with other smart house systems.
Item #Model #Description    
8850000LS075V Valve - 3/4" 
8850100LS100V Valve - 1" 
8850200LS125V Valve - 1.25" 
8850600LSSEN Wireless Sensor 
8850700LSEXT Range Extender 
8850830LSHUB Hub 3.0 
8855000LSBOX Outdoor Enclosure Box 

HM Digital LeakBlock Sensor

HM Digital LeakBlock Sensor
Inputs: 3/8" female NPT or 1/2" male BSP for applications up to 5 gpm. Low battery alarm and latches closed when battery dies.
Item #Description    
LBS-10HM Digital LeakBlock Sensor 

FLOWLOK™ Leak Detector

FLOWLOK™ Leak Detector
Utilizes a highly compressed disc that expands when it absorbs water and trips the FLOWLOK safety lever to shut off the water feed line. No power needed.
Item #Description    
FLK-14Flow-lok Leak Detector - 1/4" QC 
FLK-KITFlow-lok Kit - Leak Detector and Tray - 1/4" QC 
FLK-PADFlow-lok Leak Detector Replacement Pad 

Leak Detector

Leak Detector
- Auto-shut off when leak is detected
- Powered by 9V Battery (Included)
- 56" Cord from valve to sensor
- Max Pressure: 80 psi
- Operating Temp: 40ºF-100ºF
- Auto shut-off, beep & blinking red light on low battery
Item #Description    
LD14JG1/4" QC 
LD38JG3/8" QC 

Leak Controller LCS Series Leak Detector

Leak Controller LCS Series Leak Detector
Upon sensing moisture, Leak Controller will engage the shut-off valve and sound an alarm.
Item #Description    
LCS14*Leak Controller - 1/4" Mur-lok® 
LCS38*Leak Controller - 3/8" Mur-lok® 
LCC03Leak Controller Sensor - 3' Cord 
LCC08Leak Controller Sensor - 8' Cord  
LCC15Leak Controller Sensor - 15' Cord  
*This product does not guarantee the prevention of water damage. Many factors increase the probability of of preventing water damage, including: Constant leak controller testing, physical verification of all parts, correct placement of sensors


The FloodStop automatically shuts off the water supply when water is detected and sounds an alarm. Includes: Motorized full-port ball valve, control unit with battery backup (4 AA), water/leak sensor (1.25" X 7.5"), AC power adaptor. One year manufacturer's warranty.
Item #Description    
FS14CFloodStop - 1/4" Compression Valve 
FS38CFloodStop - 3/8" Compression Valve 
FS34CFloodStop - 3/4" Compression Valve 
FS34NPTFloodStop - 3/4" NPT Valve 
FS1NPTFloodStop - 1" NPT Valve 
FSXS-01Extra "Wired" Sensor Pad 

Leak Controller AquaGate CX

Leak Controller AquaGate CX
Upon sensing moisture, the Aquagate will shut off the water flow and sound an alarm. For use with appliances, hot water heaters, water softeners, and commercial water systems.
- 1" Full Port Ball Valve with Auto Shut-off
- Programmable Service Reminder Indicator
- System operating range: 40º F to 100º F
- 4 "AA" Alkaline Batteries + Low Battery Indication
- 2 year limited warranty
- Water operating range: 36º F to 180º F
Item #Description    
LCA15Direct Connect Sensor - 15' Cord 
LCAGCX1" Brass Ball Valve - Includes one 8' sensor 

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