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Pressure Regulators: Pressure Regulators

Adjustable pressure regulators

SHOK BLOK™ Filter Protection Valves

SHOK BLOKā„¢ Filter Protection Valves
Limits line water pressure to protect filters from hammering, single inlet and outlet.
Item #Model #Description    
SB-FPV-60IWSB-60 60 psi, 1/4" QC 
SB-FPV-60/38IWSB-60/38 60 psi, 3/8" QC 
SB-FPV-70IWSB-70 70 psi, 1/4" QC 
SB-FPV-70/38IWSB-70/38 70 psi, 3/8" QC 

Norgren Pressure Regulators

Norgren Pressure Regulators
- Maximum Supply Pressure: 150 psi
- Adjustable Pressure Knob
- 1/4" Female NPTF Inlet/Outlet
- 1/8" Female NPTF Gauge Ports
- Temperature Range: 35º-125º F
- NSF Approved Acetal Material w/ Stainless Steel and Food Grade EPDM Elastomer
Item #DescriptionPreset +/- 3%Range  
R91W2AS0124 Port3 PSI0-10 PSI 
R91S200AA4 port - USP Class 63 PSI0-10 PSI 
R91W2AK0154 Port15 PSI0-25 PSI 
R91W2AK0404 Port40 PSI5-50 PSI 
R91W2AK0504 Port50 PSI5-125 PSI 
R9100296289Plastic Nut 
R9118025003Bracket & Plastic Nut 

Watts Pressure Regulators

Watts Pressure Regulators
1/4" Female NPTF Ports
- Maximum Supply Pressure: 300 psi
- Adjust Pressure with Set Screw
- 1/4" Female NPTF
- Material: Acetal Plastic
Item #DescriptionPreset +/- 3%Range  
03545542 port15 PSI0-25 PSI 
03545552 port40 PSI0-60 PSI 
03545562 port50 PSI0-125 PSI 
03545904 port15 PSI0-25 PSI 
03545914 port40 PSI0-60 PSI 
03545924 port50 PSI0-125 PSI 
0351020Panel Nut 
1057082Panel Bracket 

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