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Storage Tanks: RO Storage Tanks

Bladder-style storage tanks for RO systems

PA-E RO Storage Tanks

PA-E RO Storage Tanks
NSF Approved, White Finish, Plastic Lined
NSF Certified
Item #DimensionsVolumeMale NPT  
RO1209" Dia. x 13" H2 Gallons1/4" 
RO1070-415.0" Dia. X 23.0" H14 Gal.1/4" 
RO1229" Dia. x 14" H3 Gallons1/4" 
RO122P (plastic)9.4" Dia. X 14.3" H2.5 Gallons1/4" 
RO132*11" Dia. x 14" H4 Gallons1/4" 
RO15212" Dia. x 16" H5.5 Gallons1/4" 
ROTP19P (plastic)11.5" Dia. X 16.0" H5 Gal.1/4" 
ROTP3512.5" Dia. x 21.2" H9.2 Gallons1/4" 
RO107015" Dia. x 23" H14 gallons3/4" 
RO200015" Dia. x 30" H20 Gallons3/4" 
RO2800**15.5" Dia. X 38" H28 Gallons1" BSPP (Valve Included) 
*Standard size RO tank, stores approximately 3 gallons of water.
Note: Actual tank capacity dependant on inlet pressure and tank air pressure.*
* RO2800 Tank includes fitting adapter with 3/8" compression valve outlet.

Structural® ROMate™ Vessels

Structural® ROMate™ Vessels
High-density polyethylene liner, Fiberglass-wound and epoxy resin-sealed outer shell. Maximum operating temperature: 120ºF

California Residents: See individual product pages for specific Proposition 65 information.

NSF Certified
Item #DimensionsVolumeMale NPT  
CH3083416.00" Dia. X 26.50" H14.5 Gallons1" 
CH3083916.00" Dia. X 32.25" H19.8 Gallons1" 
CH3085316.00" Dia. X 44.00" H29.5 Gallons1" 
CH3086516.00" Dia. X 56.75" H40.3 Gallons1" 
CH3439424.25" Dia. X 41.50" H60.0 Gallons1-1/4" 
CH3105424.25" Dia. X 55.50" H86.7 Gallons1-1/4" 
CH3439524.25" Dia. X 74.25" H119.7 Gallons1-1/4" 
Call 800.568.7565 for replacement components.
Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA) to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 section 8 and NSF/ANSI 372 for lead free compliance.

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