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Systems: Pentek RO System

Complete reverse osmosis (RO) systems

PRF / Merlin® RO Replacement Components

PRF / Merlin® RO Replacement Components
Item #Description    
1266690Sediment Pre-filter 
3038333High Capacity Carbon Pre-filter (10,000 Gal.) 
255526Carbon Post-filter 
4000445Replacement Manifold Assembly 
1239705Housing Sump 
1240326Housing Sump O-ring 

Mur-lok® R/O Pal - Feed Valve designed for Merlin™ RO Systems

Mur-lok® R/O Pal - Feed Valve designed for Merlin™ RO Systems
Item #Tube IDTube ODSide Outlet  
A06308251/4"3/8"1/2" Mur-lok® 
A08308253/8"1/2"1/2" Mur-lok® 
A10308251/2"5/8"1/2" Mur-lok® 
A14308253/4"7/8"1/2" Mur-lok® 

Pentek® FreshPoint RO Systems

Pentek® FreshPoint RO Systems
Point-of-use encapsulated cartridge multi-stage RO system featuring GRO membranes. NSF 42, 58, and CSA B483.1 Certified. All systems include a faucet, installation kit and storage tank. Monitored systems include an internal TDS meter and magnetic timer badge to indicate filter replacement.
  • 3-Stage System: Arsenic, Dissolved Solids, Taste & Odor, Chlorine, Lead, Cysts
  • 4-Stage System: 3-Stage plus Atrazine & Lindane
  • 5-Stage System: 4-Stage plus Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
NSF Certified
Item #Model #DescriptionFor Use With   
161110GRO-350B System - 3 Stage, 50 gpd 
161111GRO-475B System - 4 Stage, 75 gpd 
161151GRO-475M System - 4 Stage, 75 gpd, Monitored 
161112GRO-575BSystem - 5 Stage, 75 gpd 
161152GRO-575MSystem - 5 Stage, 75 gpd, Monitored 
655121GRO50-RC Membrane - 50 GPD GROGRO-350B 
655122GRO75-RC Membrane - 75 GPD GROGRO-475B/M, GRO-575B/M 
655123FDF1-RCFilter - Chlorine Taste & OdorAll Models 
655120F1B1-RCFilter - Cyst and Lead, 0.5 MicGRO-475B/M 
655126F2B2-RC2Filter - VOC, 0.5 Mic, Twin PackGRO-575B/M 
655117F1GC-RCFilter - Post FilterAll Models 

NSF/ANSI Standard 58 Certified to reduce cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia by mechanical means.

Pentek® RO Systems

Pentek® RO Systems
Includes tank and faucet
NSF Certified
Item #Model #Description    
161074RO-25004 Stage RO 36 gpd Thin Film Membrane 
161079*RO-25504 Stage RO 50 gpd Thin Film Membrane 
161154GRO-2550 4 Stage RO 50 gpd GRO Membrane 
155014P5GRO/RO-2550 Sediment Pre-filter 
155634EPM-10GRO/RO-2550 Carbon Block Pre-filter 
555583RO-2550 50 GPD Membrane 
555574RO-2550 Carbon Post Filter 
4004424GRO-50EF GRO-2550 50 GPD Membrane 
255521GRO-2550 Carbon Post Filter 

*The RO-2550 is Tested and Certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 58 for the reduction of Total Dissolved Solids, Flouride, Turbidity, Lead, Selenium and Copper.

Pentek® Reverse Osmosis System

Pentek® Reverse Osmosis System
The RO-3000 is Tested and Certified by NSF/ANSI to Standard 58 for the reduction of Copper, Cyst, Fluoride, Lead, Selenium, TDS and Turbidity. The RO-3500 is Tested and Certified by NSF/ANSI to Standard 58 for the reduction of Pentavalent Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Copper, Hexavalent & Trivalent Chromium, Cyst, Fluoride, Lead, Nitrate/Nitrite, Radium 226/228, Selenium, TDS and Turbidity. Systems include: cartridges, faucet, installation hardware and filter replacement monitor.
NSF Certified
Item #Description    
155923Replacement Filter Kit for RO-3000/3500 
155855Replacement Membrane for RO-3000 
155855Replacement Membrane for RO-3500 

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