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Valves: 90-Degree Elbow Valves

Plastic quick-connect 90° elbow valves and tank valves

90º Ball Valves

90° Ball Valves
- Exclusive 1/4 turn lever with safety collar
- Standard materials: PVC with EPDM seals
- Mur-lok® Fitting with Dual O-ring
- 150 p.s.i. @ 70ºF (10 Bar @ 20ºC)
Item NumberSide ASide B   
I02104251/8" Male NPTF1/4" Mur-lok® 
I02106251/8" Male NPTF3/8" Mur-lok® 
I0400425*1/4" Female NPTF1/4" Mur-lok® 
I0400625*1/4" Female NPTF3/8" Mur-lok® 
I04104051/4" Male NPTF1/4" Female NPTF 
I04104251/4" Male NPTF1/4" Mur-lok® 
I04106251/4" Male NPTF3/8" Mur-lok® 
I06006253/8" Female NPTF3/8" Mur-lok® 
I06106253/8" Male NPTF3/8" Mur-lok® 
I08104251/2" Male NPTF1/4" Mur-lok® 
I08106251/2" Male NPTF3/8" Mur-lok® 
I14106253/4" Male NPTF3/8" Mur-lok® 
I14108253/4" Male NPTF1/2" Mur-lok® 
*Tank Valve for a standard undersink storage tank.
Other configurations available, call (800) 568-7565 for more information.

90º Stem Ball Valves

90° Stem Ball Valves
G.A. Murdock's line of 90º Stem Ball Valves quickly plug into any 3/8'' Mur-lok® fitting, allowing for simple flow control at any connection.
- All plastic design eliminates corrosion
- 3/8" stem allows valve to swivel
- Mur-lok® fitting for quick installation
- 150 p.s.i. @ 70ºF (10 Bar @ 20ºC)
- 60 p.s.i. @ 140ºF (4 Bar @ 60ºC)
- Standard Material: PVC with EPDM Seals
Item NumberSide ASide B   
I06604253/8" Stem1/4" Mur-lok® 
I06604263/8" Stem1/4" Mur-lok® Blk Lvr 
I06606253/8" Stem3/8" Mur-lok® 
I06606263/8" Stem3/8" Mur-lok® Blk Lvr 
I06608253/8" Stem1/2" Mur-lok® 

"Stubby" Ball Valves

"Stubby" Ball Valves
Compression fitting connects to Copper, PVC, Pex, or any rigid pipe.
Item NumberTube IDTube ODBall Valve End  
I06306251/4"3/8"3/8" Mur-lok® 
I08304253/8"1/2"1/4" Mur-lok® 
I08306253/8"1/2"3/8" Mur-lok® 
I10304251/2"5/8"1/4" Mur-lok® 
I10306251/2"5/8"3/8" Mur-lok® 
I10308251/2"5/8"1/2" Mur-lok® 

SeaTech 3-way Valves

SeaTech 3-way Valves
Polysulfone Construction, 250 psi @ 75º F / 100 psi @ 180º F
NSF Certified
Item NumberModel #CTS (Tube ID)Description   
3538-10819029851/2"Selector Valve - Water flows straight or in a 90º, only 2 ports open at a time. 
3541-10819029941/2"Bypass Valve - Water flows through all 3 ports or in a 90º. 

SeaTech Angle Valves

SeaTech Angle Valves
Polysulfone Construction, 250 psi @ 75º F / 100 psi @ 180º F
NSF Certified
Item NumberCTS (Tube ID)CTS (Tube ID)   

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