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Valves: Mur-lok RO Pals

Easily install a feed line and valve on copper or PEX pipe

Mur-lok® R/O Pal

Mur-lokĀ® R/O Pal
G.A. Murdock's Mur-lok® R/O Pal is your best choice for an easy, reliable access valve for your POU system.
- For use on Copper, Chrome, CPVC, PEX
- All plastic design eliminates corrosion
- Easy installation in 5 minutes or less
- 150 p.s.i. @ 70ºF (10 Bar @ 20ºC)
Item #Tube IDTube ODBall Valve End  
A06304051/4"3/8"1/4" Female NPTF 
A06304251/4"3/8"1/4" Mur-lok® 
A06306251/4"3/8"3/8" Mur-lok® 
A06308251/4"3/8"1/2" Mur-lok® 
A08304053/8"1/2"1/4" Female NPTF 
A08304253/8"1/2"1/4" Mur-lok® 
A08306253/8"1/2"3/8" Mur-lok® 
A08308253/8"1/2"1/2" Mur-lok® 
A10304051/2"5/8"1/4" Female NPTF 
A10304251/2"5/8"1/4" Mur-lok® 
A10306251/2"5/8"3/8" Mur-lok® 
A10308251/2"5/8"1/2" Mur-lok® 
A14304053/4"7/8"1/4" Female NPTF 
A14304253/4"7/8"1/4" Mur-lok® 
A14306253/4"7/8"3/8" Mur-lok® 
A14308253/4"7/8"1/2" Mur-lok® 

Mur-lok® Braided Plastic R/O Pal

Mur-lokĀ® Braided Plastic R/O Pal
Item #Model #Description    
E08404058BROP 4FE BV 1/4" Female NPTF 
E08404258BROP 4JG BV 1/4" Mur-lok 
E08406258BROP 6JG BV 3/8" Mur-lok 

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