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Mur-lok® Polypropylene Quick-Connect Fittings

G.A. Murdock's line of Mur-lok® Polypropylene Fittings are designed for fluid applications where risk of chemical attack and/or leak resistance is of concern.

All Mur-lok fittings are constructed of FDA approved materials and are suitable for food contact.


Fitting Features

- Leak Resistant Dual EPDM O-rings
- Chemical Resistant Polypropylene
- NSF/ANSI Standard 58 Certified
- 150 p.s.i @ 70ºF (10 Bar @ 20ºC)
- 60 p.s.i @ 140ºF (4 Bar @ 60ºC)
- For use with Plastic or Soft Metal Tubing

Fitting Options

Standard Mur-lok® fittings are constructed of white polypropylene with two EPDM o-rings at each quick-connect end.

Our fittings are also available with the following options:
UV Resistant Black Polypropylene
Mur-lok Polypropylene Fittings are now available in UV resistant black polypropylene. To place an order for black fittings, simply add a B to the end of the Mur-lok fitting part number, for example: R0620626B.

Fluorocarbon O-rings
Mur-lok Polypropylene Fittings can now be ordered with fluorocarbon o-rings for increased chemical resistance over the standard EPDM o-rings. There will be an additional cost per o-ring. Fittings with fluorocarbon O-rings will have a V on the end of the Mur-lok fitting part number, for example: R0620626V or R0620626BV.

If you are working with chemicals, please refer to a chemical compatibility chart to ensure the fitting and o-ring materials will meet your needs.

Bulk and Custom Packaging
Mur-lok Polypropylene Fittings are normally packaged in Mur-lok branded 10-pack resealable bags. They can also be ordered as bulk packaged in larger bag and box quantities. Items ordered with bulk packaging will have a .00 at the end of the Mur-lok fitting part number, for example: R0620626B.00.  Contact us for additional kitting, labeling, and bagging options.

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