Mur-lok quick-connect fittings feature steel teeth and dual o-rings that grip the tubing with a simple push-in installation. They can be used with our LLDPE tubing, PEX tubing and soft metal such as copper refrigerator line. The tubing can be released by hand manually or with the assistance of a collet removal tool. Mur-lok fittings can be used as replacements for John Guest Speedfit (UK) and other imported inch-size fittings to help avoid the impact of recent US Tariff increases.

Mur-lok fittings are available in white and black polypropylene and come with 2 EPDM o-rings standard. The combination of a polypropylene body and EPDM o-rings is highly chemical resistant compared to materials used by other fitting manufacturers that may break down when coming in contact with common cleaning agents. Our black polypropylene fittings and black LLDPE polyethylene tubing also offer additional resistance to indoor and outdoor UV lighting exposure. We also offer fluorocarbon o-rings for increased chemical compatibility when working with solutions other than drinking water. Learn more about Mur-lok Fitting Options >>

Optional locking clips can add additional leak protection in applications where the connection may be jostled or moved occasionally. It is also possible purchase fittings with collet connections in different colors to indicate line direction, size, contents, destination, etc. Colors available: white, black, grey, blue, red, green, yellow, orange.

We are able to customize and build kits of our products to meet individual application requirements. Please contact us to request information on possible product configurations.

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Select up to 4 items to compare.