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OrangeFittingFor Manufacturers and System Builders

G.A. Murdock can help incorporate the items we sell and manufacture into your products or production process.

You may be interested in:

  • Bagging, kitting or white-label rebranding of our Mur-lok fittings, tubing and valves.

  • Semi-custom solutions, such as color modifications, based on our existing products to help minimize tooling and design time.

  • Fully custom-engineered solutions utilizing the materials and expertise we have developed while producing our plastic injection-molded fittings and extruded tubing.

We are interested in learning about your project requirements. 

Please use the form to start the discussion.

You can choose from flexible delivery options to help meet your production schedules and budgeting constraints, including:

  • On-demand orders
  • Monthly automatic orders
  • Scheduled release dates
  • Blanket purchasing agreements 

We can also address your specific packaging, ASN, quality assurance and labeling specifications. All products will ship from our centrally-located US manufacturing facility and warehouse in Madison, South Dakota 57042.