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Privacy Statement

G.A. Murdock, Inc. collects and stores only the information needed to build and maintain customer relationships and fulfill your orders or requests. G.A. Murdock, Inc. is the sole owner of the information collected on this site. We will not sell, share, or rent this information to others in ways different from what is disclosed in this statement.

What information is collected?

The following information is collected by G.A. Murdock through our websites, application forms, phone conversations or other correspondence.

Website VisitorsCustomersCredit Terms Applicants
  • IP Address
  • Location (from IP Address)
  • Visit source/referrer details
  • Ad click information
  • Device information
  • Any data entered by the visitor
  • Company & contact info
  • Billing and shipping info
  • Payment info
  • G.A. Murdock website login
  • Shipping carrier accounts
  • Resale certificates (South Dakota)
  • Business card contents
  • Company ownership structure
  • Owner(s) contact info
  • Owner(s) social security numbers
  • Trade references

If a website visitor comes from a paid advertising source, additional information provided by the advertising service (i.e. Google AdWords) may be stored about the visitor. This advertising provider information may include age, gender, web browsing preferences, and location, etc. We do not actively use this information to profile individual visitors, but may use it in aggregate to design future marketing campaigns to find similar potential buyers.

How is the information collected?

Our websites use tracking cookies to identify visitors and store visit history as part of the login and functionality of the sites. Cookies are required for the ability to place orders on the order.gamurdock.com website. We also store the information provided by contacts that fill out forms, PDF applications, letters and other correspondence.

We may obtain information from marketing sources including:

  • Trade show participant lists provided to exhibitors
  • Directory listing referrals (including phone calls)
  • Advertising responses
  • Vendor and other customer referrals
We also use common website tracking and analysis tools, such as Google Analytics and WebTrax to collect aggregate data about our website visitors.


Why is the data being collected and how will it be used?

  • We track our visitors and customers to provide a quality user experience both online and offline.
  • We store only the information necessary to build and maintain our business relationship and fulfill orders.
  • We will use the information you provided to respond to you regarding the reason you contacted us.
  • We also use the information collected to analyze return on investment (ROI) of our marketing efforts.
  • We mail an annual catalog to all recently active customers and prompt all customers/prospects to update their contact information routinely.
  • We also contact customers about new products, pricing changes, holiday closings, and promotions via our email/fax newsletter.
  • You may change your communication options at any time by contacting us at 800-568-7565 or 605-256-9632 or via any of the other contact methods listed on the website.
  • All customer data is stored for 7 years since the last transaction.


How will the data be shared?

  • We do not sell or rent our customer data to third parties.
  • We will share only the necessary information to fulfill your orders and requests, such as sharing shipping information with shipping carriers and payment information with payment processors.
  • We may provide customer data to collection agencies in the event of a failure to meet credit terms.
  • We may provide summary payment history about customers in response to trade reference requests.
  • We may provide some customer contact info and product purchase history data to vendors as part of routine sales reporting. If identifying customer details are included, then we protect this data with non-disclosure agreements (NDA).
  • Customer information may be stored in 3rd party tools for e-commerce, customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing, and direct mailing purposes. These data processors are evaluated to ensure they store the customer data securely and do not resell or share the data that has been provided.
  • Some visitors are automatically tagged in Google Analytics for later use in remarketing campaigns on other websites such as Google Search. Specifically we use this functionality to try to focus our marketing spending on bringing in new leads rather than marketing to existing customers.


How will the data be protected?

  • Our websites use secure SSL/TLS encryption to protect data submitted through web forms and cookies while in transit to and from the server.
  • Information stored at our office is restricted to only those employees who need access to perform their job role.
  • The credit card information you provide online or offline is replaced with a randomized string of information called a token, and all actual credit card data is stored with our payment processor: PayPal.
  • Our e-commerce website provider is PCI DSS certified annually.
  • Other documents you provide us containing sensitive information are stored in an encrypted document management system with access controlled by job role.
  • Data backups are also encrypted and stored securely.
  • We also train our employees routinely on our privacy and security practices to protect our business and customers’ data.

What to do if you have questions or concerns?

Please call us at 800-568-7565 or 605-256-9632, or via any of the other contact methods listed on the website, if you wish to discuss concerns regarding our policies or to make changes to the data we store and your communication preferences. In the event you wish to discontinue being a customer or remove personal contact information from our systems, you should contact us to begin that process. We will work with you to identify what information is stored and how much you would like to be removed.